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Exercise vs Movement

mmmovement Oct 15, 2020

Exercise vs Movement

Exercise – an activity carried out for a specific purpose. 

Movement – the act or process of moving especially - change of place or position or posture.   

In our social media focused world and with a wellness industry worth billions of dollars we follow the extreme exercise goals that influencers post daily, however in reality 30-60 daily minutes of exercise is not necessarily going to keep us all healthy.  Outside of our allocated “exercise” time many of us are not moving our bodies regularly enough throughout the day, becoming more sedentary.

History shows that our ancestors “moved” more than they “exercised”.  Squatting takes on a whole new meaning when you think our ancestors squatted to cook on the fire, or to rest whilst working in the fields yet in our sedentary world, the first day at the gym results in howls of hurt when we need to use the bathroom and many quit due to the painful doms endured in the following 24 hours.  Making sure we start and end the day gently stretching will keep our bodies flexible. If we incorporated more subtle movement into our daily lives, we would feel less pain and more benefits. 

Everyday there are opportunities to move in small but frequent amounts that have more of an effect on our sedentary lives along with that “exercise” hour.   Little bits and pieces of movement throughout every day can have huge benefits on your health and wellbeing, not just physically, but mentally also. 

Parking the car and walking an extra street or two, getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the extra or perhaps biking or walking to work one day a week when it best fits your schedule.  

Whilst at work, schedule a 3-5-minute walk around the building and repeat a few times a day.  Stretch your hands and thumbs, they are working seriously hard by all that constant scrolling (put your phone down first).  Do some squats (gym not required)! If you feel you need a reason to squat, drop something on the ground and pick it up – it’s that simple, if you have knee problems or struggle to squat, sit on a chair, get up – squat done. Next time the washing needs hanging out, volunteer – there’s a whole lot of squatting, stretching and overhead work getting done at the washing line 😊 These are the social media posts that would be beneficial to the everyday person looking for inspiration to get extra movement in their days. 

Some may think these as boring, but they are normal movements performed by normal everyday people, and that’s who we are.  So do your hour of “exercise” and then add some movement in your day, as we were made to do. Let’s get moving, oh and post it #everydaymovement, cause you know if it’s not hash tagged, it didn’t happen. 😊


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