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There's a hole in my ..........

mmlifestyle Oct 08, 2020

The gut is the pathway to great health.  We don’t often think of our gut when we experience all sorts of health problems, from bloating, brain fog, autoimmunity and multiple skin issues including psoriasis, however it is the missing link to our energy and happiness.

Leaky gut is exactly what it says it is……. gaps in the gut lining that create ‘leaking’.  Holes develop between the cells of the gut wall allowing bacteria, toxins, and food to leak into the bloodstream.  It is becoming more and more common for people to be experience leaky gut syndrome.

Common symptoms of leaky gut include bloating, gas, burping, reflux not to mention sore joints and headaches to name only a few.  

What can we do to fix leaky gut?  There is no magic pill to cure leaky gut, however focusing on our overall health and feeding our bodies a nutritious balanced diet is the best course of action.  Removing all irritants like sugars, alcohol, coffee, dairy, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods.   Consuming a combination of high-quality proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fats at each meal, with proper chewing and digestion, which encourages a healthy intestine. 

Making sure you drink the optimum amount of water for your body weight is critical too, we are often dehydrated by simply not drinking enough of water, your weight x 0.033 (for example – 70kg person needs 2.31 litres of water per day.

We need to remember our bodies are machines, the gut controls everything and if it’s not a happy gut, your body and mind are not going to support you.  Working together with a coach that takes a holistic approach to digestive problems covering a broad range including lifestyle, stress levels and more is often a great pathway to healing your leaky gut.


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