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Fitness goals are rewarding not only physically but mentally too....

mmmovement Sep 07, 2020

It is always a good idea to have goals in life – it is a way of achieving the things that are important to us and fitness goals are rewarding not only physically but mentally too.  It is a journey made of small steps and achievements that takes us towards reaching our bigger goals.

No journey is easy, least of all a fitness one, there are always hurdles that make you question your gains, setbacks that make you feel like giving up or you’re not reaching your destination as quickly as you’d like, so it’s important to keep track of our fitness journey and you strive for your individual goals.

Here are some ideas to help keep your fitness goals on track.

  • Keep track of your progress. There is so much tech available to help track your fitness these days.   Gone are the days of run one lamppost, walk one lamppost, although this is still an effective method, there are watches that will do all the hard yards (apart from the actual work and sweat) for you.  They range from high tech, your speed, your pace, your cadence, what elevations you climbed to how many steps you achieved.  Whatever your needs there’s a woman’s specific watch out there to help record your consistent progress.  If your confused with all the tech stuff, do some research, read reviews or if you’re stuck, flick us a message, we’re happy to help.
  • Connect to an App. Couch 25K, MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, Strava to name a few. They’re there to keep you accountable, remind you of workout and provide a bit of friendly competition if that’s something you enjoy.  Connecting with friends and family via fitness apps help keep you motivated – we don’t want Dad beating us in the step count for the day now do we.  Most apps offer a free version and an “premium” version.  Honestly, the free version is more than good enough if your starting out, the advanced features will not necessarily be beneficial at this stage.   Further down the track if you feel like you need more, they all have the option to upgrade to a subscription that is usually involves a monthly or annual fee.
  • Take photos. One way to keep you motivated is to see the changes in photos.  It can be confronting to take photos at the start of your journey and underwear or swimwear is best, you will be able to notice changes to your body shape more easily.   Seeing changes through your photos is motivation to continue to push yourself and commit to your fitness journey.  Keep them in your journal or be brave and plaster them on the fridge door, whatever works for you, they are visual proof that your training is making a difference.
  • Take notes. If a sports watch or a tracking app really is not your thing and you would prefer to go old school nothing beats paper and pen.  Make a list of your days, the time you exercised, how you felt and rate your performance.  Look back through them regularly to see how far you have come; it will do wonders for your confidence and your motivation levels.   Pop a quote or an inspirational message at the end of each workout, treat it like a pep talk to yourself.

Some days you will not feel like doing it but hopefully some of the above tips will help you stick to your fitness journey and on those unmotivated days it’ll help you lace up and get out there.


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