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Giving it my best shot.

mmlifestyle Sep 07, 2020

I know that every day I’m not going to hit all my targets and goals.  Yes, it would be amazing if I did, but our days don’t always work out that way girlfriend.  But there are certain things, I call them non-negotiable's, that I do every day to help me do the best I can.

  • Make my bed. This may seem like given to most or maybe not, but for me it is a productive step to start my day fresh.
  • My #non-negotiable walk. First thing, after making the bed.  Up and out, doesn’t have to be long but it’s a clear the head, start the day and quiet time to myself before the busyness of the day starts.  Can’t recommend this enough.
  • Water, water, water. I can tell when I haven’t drunk enough of that clear liquid that keeps our motors running.  It’s accessible, cheap and you feel better for it – it's a no brainer.
  • Move my body. Minimum of 30 minutes a day.  Do what you enjoy, gym, run, walk, zumba, hopscotch, whatever it is, do it daily. 
  • Write that stuff down.  Getting your thoughts and feelings out of your head onto a piece of paper, or into a journal has so much power.  

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