Wholemeal Bread made easy

mmeats Sep 07, 2020
During lock-down I came across this recipe of a No-Knead Wholemeal Bread from our local bakery, Pembroke Patisserie and I absolutely love it.
First up, it makes 2 loaves (big loaves) which for a family of boys is spectacular!! And they love it. It has no nasties, you can’t go wrong with flour, water, pinch of salt and a dash of golden syrup.  I use my hands to mix this as it is a large mixture, so be prepared to get messy sticky fingers.
These loaves last so well, still fresh 3-4 days later.  I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine do
No- Knead Wholemeal Bread
Don’t expect light fluffy loaves from this recipe. The bread is moist, dense and very wholesome.  It is quick and easy to make; after a short mixing period it is spooned into tins and left to rise.
Makes: 2 Loaves
1 litre lukewarm water
20g compressed yeast/ 10g dried yeast
1kg (8 cups) Wholemeal Flour
(I use a 50/50 mix of wholemeal and plain flour which I find gives a nicer texture and makes it less dense than using entirely wholemeal flour).
1TBSP Salt
1TBSP Treacle (or golden syrup)
  • Dissolve yeast in a bowl of lukewarm water and leave while preparing the dry ingredients.
  • In a mixing bowl measure flour & salt.
  • Dissolve treacle in yeast liquid and pour into dry ingredients;
  • Mix thoroughly for three minutes with rotary beater or by hand.
  • Spoon into two large well-greased and warm loaf tins, cover with a clean, damp tea towel and leave in a warm place to rise (½ – 1 hour) until dough just rises above top of tin.
  • Bake 40-45 minutes at 190 ̊-200 ̊C. Remove from tins and cool on rack.
Enjoy xx

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