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What does “balanced” really mean?

mmlifestyle Sep 07, 2020

The weekend was a blast, with great time spent with family and friends. Great times, great food, delicious drinks but come Monday you start beating yourself up about what you ate and drank during the good times. It’s called food guilt and it’s a real thing. You know, you have headed to bed and running through your head is all the things you promise to change for the coming week? This guilt trip has no place in a balanced approach to eating and drinking. It is not uncommon though and there are things you can do to mend that pattern of enjoyment and guilt each weekend. I prefer to eat a whole foods balanced diet, but that is not to say I don't enjoy "occasional" foods that I refuse to feel guilt over. But it takes time.

First up, look at the way you refer to food. We tend to label food with “good” and “bad” labels. We may think a salad is “good” and a biscuit “bad”. It is such a negative way to approach food. Food is food. We can fit all foods into our lives. So, let’s work on changing the way that we personally label and think of our food.

Realistically without labelling foods “good” or “bad” we know what a balanced diet looks like. We all know quick fix and crash diets don’t work, well they may in the short term, but it’ll come back, and it’ll bring friends!!

Balanced is having a good foundation. Lean protein, dairy, fruit, and vegetables, whole grains, these are the focus point of your overall diet. Get this down pat then adding in “sometimes” foods when you really feel like it (a girl’s night out or an ice cream on a hot day with the kids) should not give you sleepless nights. No guilt needed because you’ve got your good foundation in place.

So, let’s hear it for un-labelling food, getting a foundation built of balance that covers the nutrients your body needs and lose the guilt over the “occasional” foods. It is certainly not something to lose sleep about and if you are then maybe your foundation isn't quite right and if you need help with that let us know.


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